Thank you for your interest in consigning

with The Foundrie.

The application period for the summer quarter is currently:


Summer applications will be open March 1st – March 31st, 2012.

We accept new vendors to The Foundrie on a quarterly basis as follows:

Applications accepted from March 1st – March 15th for the summer quarter: April, May, June. Cap 35 vendors.

Applications accepted from June 1st – June 15th for the fall quarter: July, August, Sept.                Cap 35 vendors.   

Applications accepted from Sept 1st – Sept 15th for the winter quarter: Oct, Nov, Dec.                  Cap 40 vendors.     

Applications accepted from Dec 1st – Dec 15th for the spring quarter: Jan, Feb, March.               Cap 40 vendors.  

If you are interested in applying to be a vendor at The Foundrie, read the following frequently asked questions to learn more.


Q. Why is there a cap on vendors?

A. There is a non-negotiable cap on the number of vendors accepted each quarter to ensure that we have enough space to showcase all of the incredible merchandise consigned by our vendors. The number of vendors allowed per quarter is listed with the dates above.

Q. Is there a fee to apply?

A. There is no fee to apply to be a vendor at The Foundrie.

Q. What happens after I apply?

A.  At the end of each application period, applications will be reviewed and juried to select the vendors for each quarter.  The vendors selected to consign will be notified by the 16th and will receive their consignment contract via email. Those who have not been chosen will also receive a brief email notifying them of our decision.

 Q. What happens if I am accepted as a vendor?

A.  Accepted vendors may bring/ship their signed contract and their merchandise for consignment from the 16th through the end of that month. Accepted vendors will have their merchandise consigned for 3 months at a time. At the end of each of these three months, vendors will receive a check for 60% of their sales and a report detailing sold merchandise. If a vendor would like to restock their merchandise they may do so throughout the quarter by emailing a new inventory spreadsheet and shipping/dropping off new inventory.

Q. Who pays credit card processing fees and sales tax?

A. The Foundrie will collect and pay all appropriate sales tax based on our zip code. Credit card processing fees, advertising, staffing, packaging (bags, boxes, tissue paper), rent, and displays will be paid for with the remaining 40% of all sales.

Q. What happens at the end of each quarter?

A.  At the end of the 3 month quarter a vendor will have the option to re-apply for the next quarter but will receive no preference based on being a prior vendor. The decision will be based on acquiring the best mix of merchandise for the store while maintaining our aesthetic and overall vision. If a vendor is accepted for a subsequent quarter they will leave their merchandise in the store and may re-stock if necessary. If a vendor is not accepted they will pick up their merchandise at the end of the quarter.

Q. What if I was not accepted as a vendor?

A. Vendors who were not accepted in a prior quarter are encouraged to re-apply at each new quarter. We will be rotating vendors in and out based on their sales and to ensure that we have fresh merchandise for our customers each season.

Q. Who can apply?

A.  If you make really special clothing, jewelry, art, housewares, stationary, body products, etc. we would love to hear from you. It is our goal to fill the shop with the very best in handmade and independently produced merchandise. We look for vendors who take their craft seriously and who have created a line with brand recognition. Vendors should have a web presence, a carefully curated line of products, and thoughtful packaging.  While we love to stock merchandise from local vendors, we do accept out-of-state vendors as well if they have a great line of products.

Q. What if I already sell at one of the other awesome artists spaces at Chesterfield Mall?

A. In order to allow more vendors to get their products into the hands of the customers at the mall, we will not be overlapping vendors within these stores.

Q. I have read all of this info and think my products would be a great fit for The Foundrie. How do I apply?

A. Fill out the form below to apply for The Foundrie. This current form for application will be open from March 1st-15th 2012.

If you need additional info or have questions, contact us at

If you receive an error message using the above form you may email the required info to