I am so excited about all of the fun things going on at the store this weekend!! Perennial is teaching their first make and take class Saturday at 1pm and we will have designers in the store with their spring collections as well as giveaways, snacks, and our new bumper stickers available for FREE!! Come by Saturday between 11 and 7 to pick up yours while supplies last.

And a quick shout out to Elizabeth Hahn-Lawrence of Just Liv and her amazing segment on Great Day St. Louis yesterday! She did a demo on transferring images to canvas and coasters which you can watch here. Great job Elizabeth!


I finally managed to snap some pics around the shop of some of the new merch and new displays we have been working on and not only did I take the pics, I actually managed to get them on the blog. Which is always the hardest part!! I feel so accomplished and it’s only noon.

Now if only my antibiotics would just kick in and get me back to feeling 100% there is no telling the amount of work I could get done today.  And I would really like to be feeling well enough by this evening to join Elizabeth at Off Broadway for a little live music. Fingers crossed!!

Ps. And don’t judge my “self-portrait” in the pics above. It is really embarrassing to try to photograph yourself in a store full of customers. So the resulting photo is me. Looking embarrassed. Go figure.

Let me start by saying that this is an odd little blog post but here it is anyway. I realized yesterday it was high time to clean out the zillion receipts and misc junk from my bag and wallet to start 2012 in a more organized manner. While I was at it I came up with a way to keep my sunglasses in place within the chaos and I wanted to share. A large safety-pin secured on the inside of my bag! Just slide the arm of your sunglasses through and presto! Instant sunglasses holder. Or if you actually care to keep your sunglasses free of lint and scratches you could use an actual sunglasses case. But I am way too lazy and disorganized for that so this will do just fine.

Do you have any purse/bag organization tricks to share? I start with the best intentions but it seems within a week of cleaning out the bag I am right back to square one with a very heavy bag full of things I really don’t need to carry on a daily basis. Maybe I am not the only one?

Ps. If you are curious my bag is from Madewell but I think it has since been discontinued. It is a great bag though and I love everything by Madewell. It took all of my will power not to order the very similar and adorable Blanket-stripe Tote which is now on sale. Eeep. So cute.

A couple of weeks ago one of my fave friends Elizabeth and I made plans for an epic lady date on our day off. She probably looks quite familiar (although she doesn’t usually wear glasses with the tag still on paired with a vintage hat) but I feature her on this blog all the time and she saves my life by working at The Foundrie at least one day every week. And we do thrifting, craft shows, and happy hour together every chance we get. So we manage to see quite alot of each other. Which I love.

In fact, Eliz and I have become so intertwined in each others lives in recent months that people sometimes accuse us of being the same person. Which isn’t too far from the truth. What can I say? Birds of a feather craft together. Isn’t that how that saying goes?

Anyway, I must also mention that Elizabeth designs accessories and jewelry for her company Just Liv which we just so happen to carry at The Foundrie. And she has made it her new year’s resolution to start her Just Liv blog to share some behind the scenes action.  So if you are interested in all of the exciting deets of our lady date (and more pics of the creepy things we found at the antique mall) head on over there and check it out!

And one final thing to mention: Happy MLK day. The Foundrie is open from 11 to 7 today so if you happen to have the day off, stop by and say hello!

I cannot believe it is already mid-January and I am just now getting around to posting pics from our pre-holiday visit to the City Museum with my sister and her family. The kids and grown-ups had so much fun and after we climbed, explored, and worked up an appetite, we headed over to Schlafly Tap Room for lunch and beers. Matt and I had our wedding reception there way back in 2004 so we always enjoy going back and we have such fond memories of the venue.

Things at The Foundrie have been crazy busy getting all the new product in for spring and arranging and re-arranging the store to make room for all these goodies. And we are already planning which craft fairs we want to tackle for 2012 which seems crazy but applications are due so far in advance that we have to be super on top of things or risk missing the deadlines.

My big accomplishment for today? Updating the vendor list over there on the right side of the page. Welcome to our new vendors! This weekend I will take some pics around the shop of new displays and product. Until then, stay warm and safe out there. Winter has finally arrived in St. Louis!

Our brief time off for Christmas involved lots of time with family, eating my weight in cookies, tea parties, snow ball fights, record playing, and building forts complete with twinkle lights. It was low-key and perfect in every way.

My sweet husband took my not so subtle hint to check my Pinterest board for gift ideas and he got me the amazing brass arrow ring I have been coveting from Odette. I got him a vintage style record player and we spent Christmas day with my parents and his parents listening to records, playing cards, drinking wine, and eating cookies while Stella played with her new toys from Santa. I wish every day was Christmas. Hope everyone enjoyed their holiday as much as we did!

The store has been crazy busy this week as folks are finishing up or just starting their Christmas shopping but I wanted to stop by here really quickly with some very exciting news.

Beginning in January 2012, The Foundrie will be partnering with Perennial to offer some really great make and take classes that focus on re-purposing and re-using discarded materials to create new and useful eco-friendly items like the ones pictured above.

Perennial is a non-profit social enterprise that promotes a creative and sustainable lifestyle for all! Perennial turns trash into treasure and teaches the St. Louis community to do the same. I am so happy to be working with Jenny and Brie to bring these classes to The Foundrie. Classes on the schedule so far for 2012 include:

Picture Frame to Dry Erase Board
Learn how to transform a salvaged picture frame into a beautiful and unique dry-erase board. Transform your picture frame into a calendar, a place for notes, or a spot to keep track of all your to-do lists and stay organized in 2012! You will explore the exciting process of design and creative repurposing while learning the basics of eco-friendly wood refinishing and upcycling. All materials provided.

Just $35
To Register:
Pay online: http://www.perennialstl.org/classes-events/
or e-mail classes@perennialstl.org
or call Perennial at 314.802.7384

Facebook event link: https://www.facebook.com/events/249507755116913/

Old Sweaters to Spring Gear
Spring has arrived, but don’t toss those sweaters yet! Perennial will guide you through the process of transforming old sweaters into spring gear. Learn how to upcycle and transform felted sweaters into planters, outdoor decorations, board games and a handmade spot to sit outside and bask in the sun.  After this class, you’ll be ready to throw a backyard party with all your best pals!

Just $35
To Register:
Pay online: http://www.perennialstl.org/classes-events/
or e-mail classes@perennialstl.org
or call Perennial at 314.802.7384

Facebook event link:https://www.facebook.com/events/156587274445112/

These ladies are super talented and creative and I can’t wait for them to share their talent with us during these classes. I think this is the start of an amazing partnership.

For more info on Perennial click the tab on the top of this page!!


Here are the photos of Stella from last weekend’s event at The Foundrie with Be Lovely Photography to benefit the Ronald McDonald House. We had a great turnout and collected two large bags of toys as well as cash donations for the charity. And JJ managed to capture some really great shots of Stella. Which is no easy task as she rarely sits still long enough to snap a picture.

If you need photos of your family, your little ones, or any other event, I highly recommend contacting JJ at Be Lovely Photography. And we are planning on doing this event again next year so mark your calendars for next holiday season!!

This weekend I am so excited to be hosting Angelrox designer and NY Parsons Professor Roxi Suger at The Foundrie. Not only is Roxi incredibly talented and a huge inspiration, she also happens to be my sister. How lucky am I?

On Saturday December 17, 2011 at 10:00 am please join us at The Foundrie for Roxi’s lecture on The Power of Presentation: How to Communicate your Design Ideas. Honed from her 7 years of experience teaching Fashion Industry Design for Parsons’ advanced degree program.

The lecture will be followed by a design challenge featuring Roxi’s signature wraps, visit www.thewrap.info. Participants will style Angelrox wraps to create their own unique variations on this versatile wardrobe staple. The winner will receive an Angelrox wrap as well as a $50 gift card to The Foundrie. There are no age or size restrictions with wraps suitable for girls as young as five years old to opera wraps flattering for plus size figures.

This event is free of charge and open to students and the general public. All attendees and design challenge participants will receive 20% off the entire Angelrox collection available at The Foundrie. This offer is valid during the event only.

You can rsvp on our event page but a reservation is not required. I promise to take lots of pics at the event for those who can’t make it in person but I really hope to see you there!! Looking forward to spending time with the family this weekend and spreading holiday cheer with my sis!

So the 6th Annual Renegade Craft Fair Holiday Market in Chicago was a smashing success for The Foundrie and we had so much fun!! My sweetheart of a friend, Sarah let Elizabeth and I stay at her place again and we even got to crash her boyfriend’s holiday work party on Saturday night. Thank you Sarah & Jeremy for letting two crafty gypsies invade your space yet again. We heart you guys.

As far as the show itself, it was beyond what we expected and was super busy and pretty much all around awesome. The highlight of the weekend was when Joan Cusack bought jewelry and accessories from both me and Elizabeth!! We managed to not go all fan-girl on her asking for pics or autographs. But that doesn’t mean we didn’t want to!!

The other thing that made the weekend so great was having awesome booth neighbors like Keli of Colette Paperie. Her greeting cards are hilarious and so well done. And Keli is snarky and pretty. Just the way I like my friends. Elizabeth and I are already thinking about applying to craft shows in Minneapolis just so we can all be reunited. Can’t wait!

So with all that fun and good news, there must always come lame and terrible news. Like the fact that Keli had a tire blow out on the way to Chicago, and we hit a giant piece of tire left in the road on our trip into town. (I would blame Keli but we were traveling from opposite directions.) And then there was the speeding ticket on the way home (64 mph in a 45 mph construction zone even though I thought we were well out of the construction zone. hmph.) Which totally bummed me out.

But all in all we had a great time and are already brainstorming plans to apply to Renegade Austin and Brooklyn in the spring. But for now I am going to focus on all of these holiday shoppers at the mall. Only 13 shopping days left to buy handmade! Come to The Foundrie and say hello. And buy some gifts. You know you want to.