This is what our lives have looked like for the past week or so. Packing, moving, more packing, more moving…you get the idea. We have finally gotten everything moved into our new location thanks to help from our husbands, friends, and family (you guys are amazing!!) and Elizabeth and I cannot wait to start setting up the new shop. There are lots of odd and ends to finish up before that happens so please excuse our lack of updates around here until we are settled in. We are tentatively planning to re-open early April and will of course post that info here when the time comes.

And since we have such a large space to fill with merch and no plans to re-open until next month we have decided to extend our vendor application period until March 31st!! So please help spread the word to the most talented artists, crafters, and designers you know. We love selling locally made goods but we accept handmade items from all across the country as well. And we have received some fantastic applications so far so keep them coming!!