I am so excited to finally be able to share the amazing news I have been keeping mum on for the past couple of weeks. The first order of business is to announce that…The Foundrie is moving!! We have signed a lease on a bigger and better storefront in Chesterfield Mall and are beyond thrilled to move into this new space.

It is a beautiful space as you can see above with big display windows, hardwood floors, and white shelving throughout the store. We have so many plans for the future and cannot wait to move in. We are hoping to get settled in by the beginning of April and of course will keep you posted here on our progress.

The bigger space means we will have room for more merchandise, which means we can accept more artists and designers for the summer. We are also working on expanding our selection of vintage merchandise and will be purchasing some fun new items wholesale to share as well. And not only that, but the new store will have a larger space dedicated to classes and events so we will be expanding our offerings in that area as well. Pretty great, huh?

The bigger space also means a lot more work. Which brings me to my next exciting piece of news. Are you ready for it?? Ok, here goes…I would officially like to welcome Elizabeth Hahn-Lawrence on board full-time at The Foundrie as co-owner/marketing and operations manager!!

Elizabeth has been an invaluable help over the past few months and I couldn’t ask for a better partner to help grow The Foundrie. Her passion and enthusiasm for handmade and diy are contagious and her dedication and positive energy make her the perfect counterpart. And before you panic that this means the end of Just Liv, I assure you that Elizabeth still has plans to continue making her fun and fashionable accessories alongside her new role at The Foundrie. So don’t worry your pretty little turban-ed heads.

And the last piece of information I wanted to share today is that The Foundrie will be hiring our first-ever visual merchandising/retail sales interns this summer! These positions are for college credit only but they promise to be educational and loads of fun. If you or someone you know is interested in an internship at The Foundrie, email me at thefoundrie@yahoo.com and I will forward you the internship description and qualifications.

Longest post ever. Sorry to be so long-winded but we are so stoked about the future of The Foundrie and the potential for growth and success. I would like to thank all of you who are shopping locally, buying handmade, and supporting the dreams of artists, designers, and independent business owners. It means the world to me and makes such a huge difference in our community. I really can never say thank you enough. Thank you!!