Let me start by saying that this is an odd little blog post but here it is anyway. I realized yesterday it was high time to clean out the zillion receipts and misc junk from my bag and wallet to start 2012 in a more organized manner. While I was at it I came up with a way to keep my sunglasses in place within the chaos and I wanted to share. A large safety-pin secured on the inside of my bag! Just slide the arm of your sunglasses through and presto! Instant sunglasses holder. Or if you actually care to keep your sunglasses free of lint and scratches you could use an actual sunglasses case. But I am way too lazy and disorganized for that so this will do just fine.

Do you have any purse/bag organization tricks to share? I start with the best intentions but it seems within a week of cleaning out the bag I am right back to square one with a very heavy bag full of things I really don’t need to carry on a daily basis. Maybe I am not the only one?

Ps. If you are curious my bag is from Madewell but I think it has since been discontinued. It is a great bag though and I love everything by Madewell. It took all of my will power not to order the very similar and adorable Blanket-stripe Tote which is now on sale. Eeep. So cute.