I cannot believe it is already mid-January and I am just now getting around to posting pics from our pre-holiday visit to the City Museum with my sister and her family. The kids and grown-ups had so much fun and after we climbed, explored, and worked up an appetite, we headed over to Schlafly Tap Room for lunch and beers. Matt and I had our wedding reception there way back in 2004 so we always enjoy going back and we have such fond memories of the venue.

Things at The Foundrie have been crazy busy getting all the new product in for spring and arranging and re-arranging the store to make room for all these goodies. And we are already planning which craft fairs we want to tackle for 2012 which seems crazy but applications are due so far in advance that we have to be super on top of things or risk missing the deadlines.

My big accomplishment for today? Updating the vendor list over there on the right side of the page. Welcome to our new vendors! This weekend I will take some pics around the shop of new displays and product. Until then, stay warm and safe out there. Winter has finally arrived in St. Louis!