So last week was Stella’s school field trip to the pumpkin farm. The permission slip said “rain or shine” and when we woke up that morning there was a lot more rain than shine. In fact it was about 35 degrees and at one point during the wagon ride I am pretty sure it was sleeting on us. Needless to say we didn’t spend too much time at the farm that day. We got our free tiny pumpkin and headed to eat lunch someplace warm and dry.

Crossing our fingers that the weather would warm up just a tad we planned another excursion to the farm nearest our house. Exactly one week from the cold and wet morning at the farm we awoke to 80 degree temperatures without a cloud in the sky. It was crazy windy but much better than sleet so we headed to pick our pumpkins and let Stella play in the hay mazes. And there was an adorable baby alpaca that I am pretty sure my husband wanted to smuggle home to keep as a pet. Good times.

Besides pumpkin patches and bi-polar weather the other thing on every St. Louisan’s mind right now is baseball. When the Cardinals are winning, that is all anyone talks about around here. I have to admit, I am not much of a sports gal but is it kind of hard to not get caught up in all the excitement. Here is hoping our team can pull it out to win game 7 tonight and take the series.

Oh, and if you want to support St. Louis and your home team The Foundrie is a great place to be. We have awesome St. Louis t-shirts and super cool STL prints to show your pride. Come by today. I will be here til 7pm. Go Cards!!

Ps. For those wondering, Stella’s super cute chair print dress was one of my purchases at Renegade Chicago this year. The artist’s are Charlie & Sarah and their online shop can be found here. I wish I could afford to buy a dozen more of their dresses. Such adorable prints!! Oh and Stella’s darling owl hat was a gift from her Uncle Mark in Colorado. We love it.