Once again I have been neglecting my blogging duties. Please accept my apologies but in St. Louis we only get a few days of amazing fall weather so we have to take full advantage while we can. You will see what I mean with tomorrow’s post containing the obligatory pics from the pumpkin patch and general fall goodness but I wanted to pop in real quick today with a few pics of my most recent thrift store haul.

I have been trying to control my impulse to buy every set of vintage luggage I come across but this minty green color made my heart skip a beat. Mint green and peachy pink together are rocking my world lately. For evidence of my latest obsession I give you exhibit A. My Pinterest account.  

And the little three drawer cabinet needs a paint job but for under $10 it had to come home with me. Maybe mint? Or peach? What’s your vote? Oh and the framed cat drawing I bought really needs no explanation, right? It is just hands down adorable. What have you been thrifting lately??