This past weekend was a whirlwind of hard work but looking back at the photos makes it all worth while. My friend Rachel had asked me months ago to help her with the floral arrangements for a wedding in October. I of course said yes but the date kind of snuck up on me. After chatting with Rachel it turned out that she needed my help both Friday and Saturday instead of just on Saturday as we originally planned.

So a frantic phone call to my dad had him agreeing to work at the store on Friday for me so I could help Rachel. My dad will honestly drop everything to help me out and I do not know what I would do without him. Thanks dad!! Rachel and I spent 12 hours Friday working on the floral arrangements and another 8 hours Saturday installing everything. In the end it turned out beautifully and the bride was thrilled. She was adorable and her tears of happiness made the long hours well worth it.

And the other bonus was getting to spend some time with Rachel like in the old days of us working side by side at my last job. I have to say we still work pretty well together even after all this time. When are we teaming up again Rach??

This week I am definitely looking forward to slowing things down a bit. Our schedule is completely clear except for a trip to the pumpkin farm on Wednesday morning. Stella is super excited to carve a pumpkin to put on the front porch and as of today that crisp fall air has finally arrived putting us all in the mood for fall festivities. I will snap some pics to share later this week. In the meantime, go enjoy this autumn weather. It won’t last long!!