I gave it a good fight but I finally lost my battle with addiction. To Pinterest. You win Pinterest. I admit it. I am a full-blown addict. But since this website has been sucking up so much of time lately I thought I would at least get something out of it in terms of a blog post. So every week or so I am going to attempt to share some of my favorite pins with you right here on this blog. Hope you enjoy them as much as I do. And I refuse to take the blame for if you fall victim to a Pinterest addiction yourself. Stay strong.

Pin 1    Pin 2    Pin 3    Pin 4

Ps. The print of the vintage arrows above is for sale on Etsy to help raise money for the artist’s boyfriend’s medical bills. He was diagnosed with cancer and as an artist himself, he is uninsured. The sale of these prints is going to help cover some of these expenses. They have several other prints for sale as well so please check out their Etsy shop at  For me For You.