May I present you with the long-awaited blog post on Strange Folk Festival! I think the pictures pretty much speak for themselves.  We had a lot of fun. The music was great and we danced and drank beer. And acted all kinds of ridiculous. And we sold lots of handmade and vintage goodies. The perfect weekend really.

Stella joined me Sunday and it was the first time I had her at my booth without having my mom or dad there to help entertain her. Elizabeth did a pretty great job helping keep her happy by letting her model Just Liv accessories. There may have been bribery in the form of girl scout cookies and kettle corn.

And I may have to get a little sappy here for a second but I just have to say that I feel so lucky to call myself a part of the arts/crafts community in St. Louis. I have met some of coolest and most supportive guys and gals and working alongside them makes my job pretty freaking awesome. So thanks for being such an amazing group of artists and supporting me in doing what I love.