While I am in recovery mode from another long but amazing craft show weekend I thought I would share pics from the Japanese Festival we went to a few weeks back at the Missouri Botanical Garden. It is a really fun event and we sadly seem to miss it every year. So when Matt’s dad mentioned he would like to go, we were all over it.

There were a crazy number of people there but we still managed to have a relaxing day strolling through the garden and seeing all of the sights. Stella got a balloon in the shape of an octopus which may have been the highlight of her day. Possibly of her week. She played with it for days until the poor thing started losing air. And legs. We had to sneak him away in the night so Stella wouldn’t be upset by his departure. Which thankfully worked.

I got quite a few pics from the craft show this weekend so I will get them uploaded and share them soon. And Friday is the day new vendors drop off their goodies at the store for the holiday season. Can’t wait!!