We survived Renegade Craft Fair Chicago…and loved every minute of it!! It was by far the most succesful show we have ever done. So much so that we are applying for the holiday show in Chicago that takes place the first weekend in December. We are crazy. Crazy for Renegade!!

Since the show was so busy it was really tough to get pictures during the event so I am sharing the few I managed to get before the crowds formed Sunday morning. If you want to see pics of all of the awesomeness I suggest you head over to the official Renegade Flickr account right here. So many incredible vendors and the best customers in the Mid-west!

The rest of the photos are from our detour on the way home from Chi Town at the Pink Elephant Antique Mall in Livingston, IL. Some of my fellow crafties had taken a day trip a couple of weeks ago and when I saw their photos, I knew we had to stop on our trip back.

It is amazing. Obviously. Giant pink elephant. Ice cream shaped ice cream shop. Alien space craft. You name it, they have it. It was pure torture having a car and a trailer with us but no space to fit anything else in. We did manage to squish in a few things we couldn’t live without but we have to return soon with an empty trailer to snag the rest!

So much to do around the shop with the deadline for holiday vendor applications approaching in just under 12 hours!! I have a ton of great applications but you still have time to get yours in. Do it now!

And in closing ,I must give a huge THANK YOU!! to the people who had a part in making our weekend so great. Elizabeth Hahn-Lawrence, Sarah Bosse, Jeremy Shea, Courtney Turney, Sara Patino, Shelly & OG McClymont, Ken Sliger and of course my hubs, Matt McClymont. The trip would not have been possible without all of your help and encouragement so THANK YOU!! Can’t wait to do it again soon!