Since I promised pics of the feather garland in action and had a request from the lovely Liz as well, I knew I needed to get on it asap. So here are a few shots of what the shop currently looks like including the feather garlands up front.  I would like to make a few more for an even bigger impact but I am gearing up to vend at Lou Fest in Forest Park this weekend so store displays are on the back burner for now. Sidenote: If you do not have plans this weekend tix are still available for the festival. Come see some amazing bands including Cat Power and The Roots and hang out with us or in the Schlafly beer garden. It is going to be such a great weekend!

But back to the photos at hand, it really is so incredible to have a permanent space instead of just a pop up holiday shop as it allows me time to change and tweak and rearrange and create displays as I go and when the mood strikes. And as the store makes money it allows me to spend money upgrading things like fixtures and even signage.

Yay signage! I found the letters for our new sign at Gypsy Caravan and since I didn’t have enough cash and they didn’t take credit (Propay? Square? Get with the times crafty business people!) I had to wait to order them and have them delivered and then get someone to tackle the hanging of the letters. But they are finally up and looking amazing. The artist who creates these letters is named Billy Faulkenberry and he does not have a website or any online presence or I would be happy to link to his work. I am just so glad I came across him and was finally able to get a handmade sign for the store without spending mega bucks on a custom sign.

So much to do before the weekend so I have to run. But I must note before I go that all of the new and vintage merchandise in the pics above is currently for sale at the shop. Including the set of pastel dinnerware from the 1940’s that I am so madly in love with that it hurts me to sell it. This was one of my scores from the auction last weekend and as much I want to keep them for myself I know my husband would be proud if I could just stop hoarding for a minute and let someone else take these beauties home. You’re welcome husband.