Here is a tiny sneak peek from Stella’s birthday party last weekend. We are still waiting for the pics from our amazing photographer so I will share more when we get our cd of images. Sidenote for those wondering: We have a photographer take photos every year at Stella’s birthday party in lieu of having actual portraits taken in a studio. We love how they turn out and having great photos of our little girl on her big day each year is a tradition we have grown to love.

I have so many other blog posts and photos that I need find the time to write but I keep getting distracted by anything and everything else. Stella started her 2-morning-a-week preschool class on Monday which you think would allow me time for blog updating. Not so much. I did straighten the house and vacuum the rugs one morning so that was something accomplished.

There has been lots of time spent at thrift stores, auctions, and antique malls as we have been searching for a new desk for the office. Of course I found loads of other things I had to buy before we found the desk of our dreams. But we pick up our new-to-us $15 metal desk tomorrow and then the big office re-do will begin. So until the office is put back together I will probably be even more out of the loop. And then pics of the new desk and office will call for another blog post to add to the list. At least I am not struggling for content for the blog. Just struggling to find the time to document it all. There are worse problems to have, I suppose.

There is a ton going on at the store this weekend as well so if you don’t have plans you should come by! Friday night is our Back to School make & take event and Saturday and Sunday you can meet some of our newest designers and see some of their new pieces for fall. It is going to be such a great weekend and I can’t wait!