Dos Family is a blog written by two sisters who live in Sweden with adorable families and a great eye for design. I am convinced it is in their genes. Isabelle is currently filming a design show in Sweden called Fixa Rummet and Jenny is a photographer. Their blog is a constant source of inspiration for me and their somewhat broken english is both charming and adorable.

Their children wear amazing animal masks often and their ability to mix color and pattern has me crazy jealous. Their personal style and home decor seem effortless and easy and so much fun.  Oh, and both families have the Ekorre gymnastics rings by Ikea installed in their children’s rooms and they say it is the only thing they ever play with. Thinking we need to spend the $10 on a pair for Stella.

Hope you all have an awesome weekend planned. Sunday we will be in Waterloo, IL to celebrate Matt’s dad’s 60th birthday with thai food and family. And I will be spending Saturday at the store which is fine by me because the temps around here have been near 100 degrees every day. It is getting a little bit ridiculous and it is impossible to log on to facebook without hearing someone complaning about the heat. I get it. It’s hot. Come to the mall where it is nice and cool and stop by The Foundrie. Everyone wins!