Fancy lady Deer via Little Chief Honeybee + White Framed Antlers by Hypercraftive sold at The Foundrie

Cardboard Deer via Inventor Spot + Sequin & Ribbon Deer by Cassandra Smith

Most adults in my age bracket will admit that the movie Bambi scarred them as children and although I realize the danger and destruction that deer can cause within our environment, hunting has always really grossed me out. I realize the large population of deer needs thinned out from time to time and hunters feed their families with the meat but that doesn’t make it any less repulsive to me.

So why is it then that I am so enamoured with mounted deer heads and antlers? I guess if the hunting is going to be done anyway then there might as well be something cute or super stylish to remember the deer by at the end of the day. And that deer with the wig and pearls is without question both creepy and adorable at the same time. The white framed antlers were mounted and painted by Courtney and her husband Mike. We actually have just one pair left at the shop this season. And if you are totally against the real deal in your home, the corrugated cardboard options are always both humane and stylish. Do you decorate with deer?