So I may have gotten everyone overly excited yesterday when I announced my latest thrift store score via facebook. I may have called it my best find ever. I may have gotten 11 or so friends to “like” my status only to lead them here today to look at…rain boots. Womp, womp. Hopefully some of you will understand though and for those of you who don’t, allow me to explain.

These are not just any rain boots.These are Hunter rain boots. (Said with the same conviction as Alicia Silverstone in Clueless when being held at gunpoint and ordered to drop to the ground and ruin her dress, “But this is an Aaliyah.” You know you love that movie as much as I do. Don’t even bother to deny it.) 

Anyway, Hunter is the most respected and well-known brand of wet weather footwear on the planet since 1856. I try not to be swayed by celebrity endorsements often but sometimes I get caught up. Everyone from the late Princess Diana, to Rachel Bilson, to Kate Moss, to Nicole Richie, to one of those Olsen twins. Just about every single remotely stylish celeb wears Hunters. Don’t believe me? Google it.

That being said, I am clearly not a model, actress, or heir to any royal throne and my bank account is fully aware of my non-celebrity status. And these boots are not cheap. Last time I visited my sis in Brooklyn she had just scored a pretty sweet deal on a silver pair of Hunters but it was still more than I was prepared to spend on a pair of wellies. I have been pining after them and admiring them from afar for a couple of years now.

So when I stumbled across not one, but two pairs at the thrift store today I was ecstatic. I held my breath as I checked the sizes. 7. I wear an 8. But rainboots usually tend to run big. So without hesitation I kicked off my shoe and gave it a try. And to my delight, they fit! Sadly, they are snug enough that I will not be able to wear them with any of the adorable  Hunter Welly Socks (like this super cute cable knit cuff pair from Bloomingdales) but they are comfortable with a thin sock so that is good enough for me.

And now for the best part. The black pair of Classic Hunter Wellington rainboots retail for $125. I paid $18. The green Hunter Lady N Boots retail for $140. I paid $19. And both pairs are very, very, lightly worn. In fact, I am not sure the Lady N Boots have ever been worn.

So there you have the highlight of my Thursday afternoon. There was also some playtime with Stella at Monkey Joe’s followed by a pretty tasty beef & broccoli stir fry that I made for dinner. And if you managed to make it through this crazy long post about rainboots you are probably about as ready to call it day as I am. And I don’t blame you in the least.