Since Matt and I both had Tuesday off we decided to make the most of it and loaded Stella into the car for a day out. Our first stop was an antique mall where Stella fell in love with a vintage lamb pull toy and I snagged a couple of amazing tweed suitcases. I could have spent all day in that place but there was a whole lot of saying “Stella, don’t touch. Stella, come over here. Stella, stay with mommy and daddy. Stella, don’t touch.” I realize she is just a toddler but listening and following directions are not her strongest skills so we decided to make it a relatively short trip.

The next stop was the Butterfly House in Chesterfield where we got to see a whole bunch of really ugly bugs (hello centipede, I am talking to you.) as well as an incredible number of butterflies of all different colors and sizes floating over our heads with one friendly fellow even hitching a ride on Matt’s shoulder. Again, there was a lot of “Stella, don’t touch. Stella, just look at the butterflies. Stella, really, no touching.” She just really wanted one of those butterflies to land on her shoulder but none would oblige. Maybe she will have better luck next time. Sad we didn’t get any pics from this excursion but the butterfly house is so hot and steamy the camera lens just kept fogging up. Maybe next time for that as well.

Our final stop of the day was taking dinner over to Uncle Ian & Aunt Lindsay’s house. The kids got to play together and Stella harassed the cats as usual. For dinner Matt made a really great lasagna following his mom’s recipe as well as (drumroll please…) the amazing and incredibly colorful rainbow cheesecake pictured above!! How sweet is that? He had seen it online someplace and decided he would give it a shot. It turned out better than I imagined it would! Have I mentioned my husband is pretty good in the kitchen? I am a lucky girl. Off to enjoy one more slice of rainbow-y goodness then off to bed where I will surely dream of rainbow cheesecake and butterflies. Sweet dreams indeed.