I finally managed to remember to bring my camera to the store this weekend which was lucky because I wanted to share these easy diy flowers with you guys. I glued several onto a display tree my husband made back in November from old pallets to give the tree a springtime look instead of the bare branches from winter. The only thing missing is some leaves so once I create those and glue them on I will take some pics of the finished project. Seriously so easy but super cute.

All you need to create these yourself is a pair of scissors, a glue gun, some green ribbon and a stack of coffee filters. Fold a single filter in half and then into fourths and again and again until you have a single petal sized triangle shape. Then using scissors trim the end so it is round and petal like. Once it has been cut, simply unfold and twist the bottom. Fluff the petals out with your fingers until the bloom looks full. Glue a small piece of green ribbon around the twist at the bottom and you are done!

I think with the addition of a pearl head straight pin these would make adorable boutonnieres for a spring diy wedding. Not only are they super cost-effective and so cute but an added bonus is that won’t be smashed and ruined with all the hugging and dancing that comes along with an awesome wedding. You could even do an entire bouquet! And if your color scheme calls for something besides white, you can make really pretty water color-like flowers by coloring the filters with markers then misting with a spray bottle of water. The colors run and make such a pretty shade. If anyone decides to do this or has seen something similar done I would love to see! Happy crafting!