Wanted to share a few pics from the north county phenomenon that is The Valley of Flowers Festival. The first weekend each May there are two guarantees.

1. The carnies and white trash will invade Old Town Florissant for Valley of Flowers.

2. It will rain.

We usually mark the calendar for this weekend so we know to avoid all areas anywhere near the festival and use alternate routes whenever possible. But then we had a kid. And this kid likes corn dogs,  cotton candy, funnel cake, and rides that spin around until you feel sick. I can’t really blame her. Funnel cake is pretty awesome.

Luckily someone clued as in last year that the Thursday before the weekend festivities kick off there is a family night at the carnival where rides are half price and only families are allowed to participate. This eliminates some of the teenage drama and sights unfit for my toddler’s (and my own for that matter) eyes. Picture pregnant 14 year olds girls smoking and cursing like sailors and swapping spit with their baby daddy and you will feel as vile as I do for even mentioning it. Yes, I am getting old and will admit that teenagers scare me to death. I can’t help it. I think it comes with being a parent.

But family night is a bit more tame and although the rain clouds were threatening and it was quite chilly we rode a few rides and devoured some fried foods before heading home to put a happy child into the bath and into bed. Stella especially liked the dragon roller coaster. From the smile on my face I must have enjoyed it too.

I will be at The Foundrie this weekend all day Saturday and Sunday. Katie Plaster is teaching her first Etsy 101 class at MADE Saturday at 3pm and I am looking forward to some bachelorette party fun for my friend Michelle Saturday evening. Hopefully, I can get home at a reasonable hour and make it to the store Sunday without a raging hangover. I can be a responsible adult. Sometimes. Wish me luck.