I was hoping the first wave of summer heat and humidity would hold off until at least the end of May. But it is here already. As long as it is not here to stay I guess I can handle it for now. I have already started slathering on the self tanner in preparation for the days when it is just too hot to not expose a little leg. I feel a little jerseylicious but it beats having to hear about how white my legs are from total strangers.

At least it is nice and cool at the mall and at The Foundrie. And we have the super cute alphabet prints shown above in stock at the store thanks to Annie of EAK Design. She is a vendor new to The Foundrie this summer and I love, love, love all of her work. Her STL prints have been super popular with our customers so far and I sold 2 of her Chop Chop cutting boards this weekend. They are so fun and practical and make the best house warming gifts!!

Ok, back to working on these coffee filter flowers for a display I am working on. Wish I had my camera today to take some photos of this super easy project. Maybe I will set some supplies aside to photograph this weekend. If I can remember to the bring the camera. Here’s hoping.