For the past few years I have considered getting myself a new bike. I was especially tempted when Liberty of London collaborated with Target on this limited edition beauty. I see all of these adorable vintage style bicycles and I can just imagine me, Matt and Stella riding around the neighborhood together on a warm spring day.  But I am awoken from this daydream when I remember that I am terribly uncoordinated and my bicycle riding skills are rusty to say the least.

Then I discovered the 3 wheel bike (or adult tricycle if you wanna poke fun). I am in love. All of the fun of riding a bike and none of the risk of falling over. That is a total win. The one pictured above has a motor which I think I can do without. I would like to burn at least a few calories if I am going to take up bike riding.

 And then, as if I needed another reason to buy a bike, I stumbled across this pretty incredible Etsy shop. Walnut. They make these functional and super stylish leather bicycle accessories that combine biking with my favorite hobby of all: beer drinking. A 6 pack holder? A can cage? Yes please! Bicycling may be an activity I can get behind after all.