Yesterday after an early morning field trip to the firehouse with Stella’s pre-school class we came home to tackle a little project. The assembly of these amazing underbed storage drawers for Stel’s bedroom. (Which are apparently now sold out. Glad I snagged them when I did.)I had been searching high and low for cute and functional storage for her room and my search led me to these drawers from someplace I usually avoid shopping. The big bad world of Walmart.

However, I just could not resist ordering them with free site-to-store shipping and the already low price. (Did I just directly quote a Walmart commercial? Moving on…) Considering I needed to order 5 drawers to span the length of her daybed (Meldal from Ikea via Craigslist and spray painted white) getting a low price was a priority. And to be honest I just could not find anything comparable anyplace else. So there you have it. Judge away. I can handle it. I think…

Anyways, they were super easy to assemble with just a screw driver. Stella and I spent a couple of hours working on them and had no issues. I love the depth of the drawers and the chalkboard panels on the front. They are easy for Stella to slide in and out with the castors on the bottom and by having her toys organized I already find her playing on her own with toys she hasn’t played with in months.

 And an added bonus of more toy storage in her room is less toy clutter in our living room. Which makes for a happier mommy and daddy. So far May if off to a good start on the home front. Anyone out there tackled any fun home storage projects lately or have plans to soon? I would love to hear about it!

As a sidenote this under bed storage drawer idea could be a fairly easy diy project if you have an old piece of furniture collecting dust. You could add castors and repurpose the drawers for under the bed storage. If I had more time and energy away from The Foundrie I would have loved to have given this a shot.

Ps. The photo above  is one of our ill-behaved dogs, Gigi who decided to jump into Stella’s bed for a photo-op. What a ham.