Look at my little merchandiser in action. I am so proud. If she keeps working this hard, I may have to put her on the payroll. I guess technically we would have to make enough money to have a payroll first. And I am pretty sure there are some pesky child labor laws to work around. But maybe someday.

Stella and I had a super fun day at the store Wednesday. Worked on a few displays, had some lunch, moved some displays around to make room on the sales floor for strategically placed trash cans to catch the rainwater dripping in through our ceiling. It is a nice look for the place but thankfully according to mall maintenance the roofing company has been alerted and if it ever stops raining, they will come make the necessary repairs. Fingers crossed that happens sooner than later.

Another weekend is soon upon us and although I will be spending my Saturday & Sunday at the store, tons of my crafty friends will be vending at Indie Craft Revolution at The St. Louis Artist’s Guild in Oak Knoll Park. And not only will there be loads of indie arts and crafts, there will be super yummy food as well. I heard the Pi truck will be making an appearance serving their amazing pizzas. Wonder if I can get my friends to send them out to the mall when they wrap up at ICR. Hey, a girl can dream, right?