I promise this is the absolute last post in regards to Easter but I just had to share a few cute pics from the weekend. Stella enjoyed all of her Easter goodies and consumed more sugar before 10am than she usually consumes in an entire month. Mission Happy Easter accomplished.

And with the Easter wrap-up complete I must mention that today marked the first sunny day in at least a week which was much-needed and super lovely. The weather this spring has been downright depressing and even incredibly dangerous at times. A tornado blew through parts of St. Louis county last Friday and did severe damage to many homes in Bridgeton and Maryland Heights. Even Lambert International Airport was not spared from the wrath of this storm. We live very near the airport and feel very fortunate that the storm didn’t make its way into our neighborhood. The photos and videos of some of the damage is so devastating and last I heard there were only minor injuries to report which is incredible and a huge relief. Hopefully all of us residents are able to pitch in and help out with recovery in any way possible so everyone affected can start re-building and move forward.

Tomorrow Stella and I will be spending the day at The Foundrie. Hopefully I can remember to bring my camera so I can snap a few pics of some new displays and some fun vintage goodies I picked up recently. I will make that my goal for a Friday blog post. See you then!