How do the days get away from me so quickly? I need to invent a machine to stop time. Seriously. We have been getting in the Valentine’s spirit around here and Stella crafted cards for the whole family as well as her friends at school. Do not be concerned by the addition of Baby Morgan to the above Valentine card. This is not an announcement or anything of the sort. Stella simply thought her cousin Morgan should be included in this particular card. And while she was at it she should have added her newest cousin as well. Liam Walker born February 7th. Congrats Ian and Lindsay. We are looking forward to meeting him!!

The excitement of the coming week includes another crafting segment on Great Day St. Louis Thursday. I am going to do some super easy jewelry organizers. I will try to photograph and post a tutorial sometime in the next couple days. If I can get this craft room cleaned up enough to be photographed that is. What. A. Mess. At the very least I will post a link to the segment from the show.

 Hope everyone enjoys the weekend and feels extra loved this Valentines Day!!