For whatever reason, I have had weddings on the brain lately. Most of my close friends are married and I myself have been married for 6 years? 7 years? I lose track. Not because I don’t love being married to Mr. Right but more because numbers and dates are not my thing. Love you Matt. Anyways, none of  that seems to stop me from ogling these amazing rings by Macha Jewellry based out of London. And to be honest, if I had it to do all over again I would pick the same guy but I would definitely choose one of these amazing handmade rings in place of my traditional princess cut diamond.

 The upcoming Off White Indie Wedding Show here in St. Louis may also be a contributing factor to my wedding fever. I so wish something like this had been around back when I got married. Again, I would keep Matt but I would change pretty much every other aspect of my wedding. Looking back I really do not feel that our wedding represented us as a couple and was more for other people than for ourselves. But living in the past is not a very healthy way of life.

Maybe I can sweat out my wedding fever by attending the MAD Art Gallery Anniversary Party this weekend.

This event sounds like so much fun:

“Come dressed as a bride, bridesmaid, groom, groomsmen, officiant, drunk uncle, or whatever role you would like to play in the party. We will have costume contests for individuals and groups throughout the night. Some of the categories are: best bridezilla, zombie bride and groom, tackiest bridesmaid, best dressed same sex couple, best shotgun wedding party, best mail order bride, best celebrity couple, best gender bending, trash the dress, and more. Can’t decide on a category? Mix it up! We’ll get you and your wedding party into one of our categories. Think vampire Brangelina.”