While the loverly Elizabeth of Just Liv is opening the store on this chilly Friday morning I am home spending time with Stella and Matt and looking at pictures from my sister and nephew’s visit last weekend. I love that my sister and I have gotten to spend so much more time together over the past couple years and that our kiddos are just 6 weeks apart in age. They are so funny together and I have to thank Matt and Papaw for holding down the fort last weekend during their visit while Roxi and I worked at The Foundrie.

And a  quick side note, can you believe that these very autumn looking photos were taken just last weekend? And now there is a layer of snow and ice on the ground. Oh St. Louis. How fickle you are with your weather. I just peeked at the forecast though and it looks like it is going to warm up a bit for Christmas. I, for one am not dreaming of a white Christmas. Last Sunday’s snow was enough to last me all season. I better go get some snuggle time in with Miss Stella before I head out to the store. Happy Friday!