via real oak floors

via design is mine

If I could have a white washed oak herringbone floor in my next home everything in life will be perfect. Just combine these two images and you would have my idea of heaven. I am pretty sure if heaven exists, it will be wall to wall white herringbone floors.

In other matters, I have a bit of a head cold complete with sore throat and the sniffles but I am determined to keep on keeping on. I am slowly working my way through the vendor applications and let me just say: Wow. I am amazed at the amount of talent in this group. I cannot wait to send out acceptance emails and contracts in a couple short days and then I will be able to start showcasing some of these super special folks right here on this little blog. Eeep!

Ps. Hope everyone had a fun and safe Halloween. Stella was the cutest little witch in the neighborhood and she loved trick or treating. Silly holidays are so much more fun with a little one around.