I just finished another project that will be on display at The Foundrie this season. My take on the super popular book page wreath. These have been making the rounds on blogs for a couple of seasons now, ever since Pottery Barn featured a similar holiday decoration in their catalogue. I just couldn’t resist jumping on the bandwagon, even if I am the last one on. Who is with me?

Also been working on tagging some of the vintage goodies that will be for sale in the shop. The vintage sugar jar pictured above is sweet on every level. I am going to have a hard time letting that one go. It would be so perfect in our kitchen. But I have to stop hoarding all the best stuff. Our house is far too small for me to go on this way.

 This morning we took a little break from the tagging and crafting madness to visit the Missouri Botanical Gardens one final time for the season. It has been so warm this fall there were still plenty of blooms to see and Stella had a grand time running about in the children’s garden. It was a nice break but now I must get back to tagging.