Wanted to share a sneak peek of the artist/vendor bios that will be displayed this season at The Foundrie. I had every intention of doing these last year but I ran out of time. So to prevent that mistake this year I am starting early. My idea was to print the bios on fabric and I tried a few options to find one that was easy and produced the best result. I had thought about doing iron on transfers but they can be pricey. I came across some system that involved using a sticky paper like backing to adhere to a piece of fabric that can then be sent right through your inkjet printer at home. But instead of shelling out a lot of money for this option, I decided to diy.

I got out my adhesive shipping labels and stuck them to a piece of fabric creating an 8.5″ x 11″ rectangle. (They make full sheet labels but I only had half sheet on hand) Then I cut around the paper leaving a sheet with one side paper and one side fabric. I placed it in the printer tray by itself fabric side down, typed up my bio, hit print and crossed my fingers that the sheet wouldn’t jam up the printer. Imagine my excitement when the sheet went through with no problems and featured a perfectly printed bio on my muslin fabric. I was so pleased with the results I just had to share!

You can use this method (with caution as I cannot guarantee your results with your printer) for all kinds of projects. I came across this awesome Halloween decor tutorial over at The Graphics Fairy and would love to make these if I can find the time. If you try it out, lemme know how it goes!