In celebration of Columbus Day, my favorite thrift store hosted a half off sale today so you know where I was at 8am this morning. My car is loaded with the goods to prove it. This means that yet another weekend has flown by and I realize most of Monday is gone already as well. So much for starting this week on top of things.

 The weekend was busy including a trip to the Fall Festival where I of course forgot to take my camera. So  I thought I would instead share a few pics of projects Stella and I have recently enjoyed. A little hanging shadow box full of button blooms made by using an empty notecard box and lid. And a rather tasty chocolate mousse cake. I think Stella enjoyed the dry ingredients as much as she did the final product. That’s my girl.

And now I must get back to organizing, scheduling, emailing etc to get the rest of this week in order. But before I go,  I would like to put in a request for a little bit of fall weather. 90 degrees is lovely and all. In the middle of summer.