So what’s a girl to do when she cannot afford the insanely expensive shoes (i’m talking to you free people &  jeffrey campbell) she has been coveting for weeks? Get crafty of course, and make over the shoes that are already in her closet.

The crisp fall air has me thinking layers. Cardigans, sweaters, boots.  I love fall. I have been searching for a pair of comfy sweater style boots that are not ugly (ie uggs) and that won’t break the bank. When my search left me empty handed I dug into the back of my closet and recovered a pair of black boots from last season and a thrifted men’s wool sweater. Armed with my scissors and little else, I set to work. I cut the sleeves off the sweater and layered them over the shafts of the boots. The wrist band of the sweater was snug enough to stay up on my calf while the upper arm of the sweater flared out just enough to cover the lower part of the boot. Then I added a vintage belt on the left boot to add a bit of interest. And the best part is you can switch out the sweater covers and belts to suit your mood.

I mean granted, it isn’t rocket science. It is basically just a glorified leg warmer. But at least I am using what I already have and not spending a dime while giving my wardrobe a little update for fall. Take that Free People. In yo face.