Um, Jeffrey Campbell, where have you been all my life? I have seen some of these amazing shoes here and there but never have I googled “Jeffrey Campbell” shoes until today. I feel like my life has been improved 1,000 times with one simple click of the mouse. As much as I have always had an appreciation for fierce footwear it wasn’t until very recently that I discovered the wedge. You see, I am one of those terribly ungraceful girls who teeters and totters in high heels like a toddler playing dress up in mom’s closet. But with the wedge there is this magical combination of height plus stability which is a huge plus for a klutz like me. And Jeffrey Campbell knows a thing or two about a wedge as evidenced in the photos above. I would like one of each, size 8 please and thank you. Oh, and I believe these can all be found at Nordstrom just in case you were wondering.

Ps. I realize the pair of boots on the bottom right are not a wedge. But I love these. A lot.