Finally getting around to my post about Loufest which took place in Forest Park a couple weeks back. In short: it was amazing!! The music was decent, the food was awesome (hello, Pi!), the beer was cold (straight from my contraband cooler), and hanging out with Elizabeth, Roy, Dawn & Mike was the icing on the cake. Oh, and it didn’t hurt that I may have had my 2nd best sales of any show to date. Yeah, that was probably my favorite part.

I brought a few of my fave vintage goodies to sell and sell they did. 4 vintage bags, 2 pairs of vintage sunglasses, and the adorable black and white vintage dress pictured above. And I had my newest large charm necklaces for sale and they seemed to be a hit, so that was also good news! So I am pretty stoked to do this show again next year. Especially if Elizabeth of Just Liv wants to share a booth again. Best boothmate ever. Highlight of the weekend: Elizabeth cutting Courtney’s jeans into shorts while she was still wearing them. It was hot and humid. A girls gotta do what a girls gotta do.

And a little update on The Foundrie holiday shop. Applications will be live on Monday September 13th and I am negotiating space at either The Galleria or Chesterfield Mall. The space at The Galleria is amazing but we have to be sure the current tenants will be out by November. But the spaces at Chesterfield are not too shabby either. I will update everyone on this info as soon as the lease is signed. Either way, it is looking to be an amazing season for the shop. I am so very excited to get started putting it all together. Will post another update soon!

Ps. Almost forgot, I did a little interview with a guy from NPR who is writing a story on the indie craft movement. I hopefully will be able to post a link when it airs. And a big thank you to Kari at Charm for letting us crash her lovely shop for the interview. And another bigger thank you to Autumn from Strangefolk Festival for sending him my way. You ladies are the best!!