Just returned home from our mini vacation to the Lake of the Ozarks. It was so different this year since Stella has grown up so much. She was a big fan of swimming and we spent a lot of time at the pool. Of course we were all soaked in spf 50 suncreen so we didn’t fry like bacon. I had my sunburn for the season a few weeks back and I did not intend to repeat that experience. We also ventured to Bridal Cave which Stella is now calling Bat Cave since we did catch a glimpse of several furry little bat friends snoozing in the cool, dark dwelling. Stella made fast friends with our tour guide and was calling her by name throughout the tour. “Mary, what is this? Mary, what is that?” It was so cute that she remembered her name. Matt and I had let it slip in one ear and out the other. Stels also called our waitress by name at dinner when neither Matt or I had bothered to remember her name. We are hoping she keeps up this polite habit as clearly she doesn’t get it from her mommy or daddy.

And of course a trip to the lake isn’t complete with some shopping at the always classy outlet mall. I did manage to snag a couple sweet embellished tanks from the J. Crew factory store and a darling yellow leaf print tote bag from the BCBG outlet. So all in all it was a successful and super fun vacation.

Now back home and gearing up for Lou Fest this weekend as well as working on securing our location for The Foundrie 2010. I am super excited about the possibilities so I will keep you all posted on the progress. Also picked up a few furniture/display pieces for the shop that are awesome and I will be updating the vendor applications soon. Hoping to have the apps live by mid September so stay tuned…