Another week has flown by and I am starting to wonder where the time is going. The highlights of the week included:  dinner at BARcelona with Nicole, Brie & Sarah, lunch dates with Rachel & baby and the ladies, playdate with Claire & Lydia & Jeana, chocolate chip cookies, working at Arhaus on Wednesday, delicious belated birthday cake from the amazing Kathlean, and a hot sticky Saturday at Soulard Market Craft Fair.

Actually that last one was kind of a low point. I shared my booth with the lovely Melissa of Villa Design which was great. I love her jewelry and our displays looked so cute together. But the heat was really ridiculous. The heat index was well over 100 degrees and we basically sat in the tent rubbing ice cubes on our arms and legs and praying for the day to end quickly. I was super low on inventory and the heat kept the shoppers at home in the ac. So I sold nothing. Nada. Zip. All day. Then I had to work a shift at MADE which I normally love, but it meant I had to miss a bbq/pool party over at Sam & Erics which totally bummed me out. I haven’t seen any of those guys in ages and a dip in the pool and an ice cold beer would have cured my heat exhaustion. But it wasn’t meant to be.

So I worked at the studio instead and cranked out some more of the paper garland pictured above for The Foundrie. I only need to make about 200 more and I will be set. I think they will look great hanging in the window as long as I can make enough to make an impact. They are a bit time consuming but also fun to make. I think I am going to use some larger circle punches for the next batch so they take up more space and go a little quicker.

Today has been a rainy day at home cleaning and preparing for next week. My brother and his family are coming in from Atlanta and I am so, so excited to see them. It has been waaaaay too long and I cannot wait to meet my sweet little niece and see how big Salter has gotten. And of course catch up with Tim & Shannon over a few cold drinks. Looking forward to it for sure! I will be sure to take lots of pics of the cousins in action for a blog post next week. Hope everyone has a lovely week ahead.