I have to say I am a bit relieved the weekend has come and gone. It never fails that all of the coolest events have to take place on top of each other. But we all survived and had a little bit of fun and a lot of beer in the process. Shocking, I know. The weather and the crowd were both amazing Friday night in Maplewood for the annual Let Them Eat Art event. My boothmates weren’t half bad either. Heehee. Thanks for a fun night ladies. And Kathlean and Nicole stopped by to say hello which is always a pleasure.

The rest of the weekend was a bit of a blur. Saturday worked 10 to 5 at MADE then headed straight over to 2027 Cherokee for the Drawgasmic show. The event was cool but not exactly conducive to selling crafts. Think loud bands, fog machines, and freaks. We were too busy people watching, talking, and drinking to really care so that was a-ok. Sunday was back to MADE on 5 hours of sleep for GagaCraft. And after all that you would think I would have zonked out at 7pm last night but Matt cooked an amazing dinner and my parents came over to eat and hang out. By the time I finally tried to fall asleep I was on my 2nd wind and my mind was racing with ideas for The Foundrie. I ended up bringing a notebook and pen to bed to jot down ideas and wasn’t able to fall asleep til 4am. Yikes.

Tonight is Weird Al with my dad, Tuesday is the long overdue playdate with Jeana, Claire & Lydia (can’t wait!), Wednesday I am going into help with a transfer at my old job, and Saturday is Soulard Park Art Market. I will sleep when I am dead.