Our 4th of July weekend was fairly busy with food, fireworks, friends and family. That is a lot of “f”s. Hmm. Stella and I spent Friday swimming with Katie, Jack and Emily over at Aunt Jackie’s house. It was so much fun and the pool of my dreams as it was in the shade 90% of the day. Katie and I have been friends since high school and I adore her and her entire family. I am so glad they had the opportunity to move back to Missouri and that we have gotten to spend more time together as of late. There is something to be said for having friends who have known you most of your life. New friends are great but there is a special place in my heart for this handful of life long friends and I feel really grateful to still spend time together.

Speaking of dear friends from high school, my Saturday evening was spent at Nicole and Grant’s house eating grilled shrimp and pineapple and drinking large glasses of delicious sangria. Nic’s cousin Kim and her husband Rocky were there as well. Their little guy is almost the exact same age as Stella so it was fun to chat about the terrible two’s. I am sure listening to us go on and on about the toddlers was a great form of birth control for Nic and Grant. Thanks for putting up with us lame-o parents. It was a fun evening and I restrained myself from drinking so much sangria that I was forced to sleep on their couch. I am so mature and responsible. Yay me.

Sunday, Matt got home from work and slept for a few hours before we headed over to his brother’s house for fireworks and bbq. It was great to see the fam and it is always fun for Stella to get to spend time with her cousins. Morgan is getting so big and more adorable every day. The bbq was amazing and I ate so much I couldn’t even force down any of Grandma Peggy’s birthday cake. And I love cake so it must have been pretty serious. We had to scoot out early so Matt could go back into work. I wish we could have stayed to see more fireworks but it was kind of rainy and of course hot and humid so Stella and I were content at home with the a/c cranked up.

Hope everyone had a safe and fun holiday weekend. I am trying to rest up this week for next weekends festivities including my booth at Let Them Eat Art in Maplewood on Friday, a table at Drawgasmic on Cherokee Saturday, and helping out with Gaga Craft at MADE on Sunday. Matt is gonna have a full weekend of quality time with Stella for sure!