image via flickr user rainbow amour

image via pink ponytail

So I did it. I finally ordered a swimsuit. After searching for, I kid you not, the past 10+ years, I have finally found the suit of my dreams. And I was beyond shocked at the place in which I found these amazing retro inspired, vintage style swimming suits. Land’s End.  Can you believe it? Me neither. I have googled my heart out in search of a fuller coverage suit with vintage style in an affordable price range. I was highly skeptical when Land’s End popped up during my recent search but I clicked the link and was so pleasantly surprised. Not only is their swimwear reasonably priced and adorable but the suit I fell in love with is available in a size 10 with a ddd cup. I almost fell off my chair. For real. It is next to impossible to find a suit under $100 anywhere near my size. Most don’t even offer an option in cup size. It is usually s, m, l, xl or size 2-14 with no options for girls with a larger than average bust. Now the only thing making me a tad nervous is that the swimsuit in my size is backordered til mid-July. Which I have no problem with. I have waited 10 years, whats another month give or take. But my big fear is that they just won’t be re-stocked and my order will be canceled and I will have missed out on this incredible swimsuit. Fingers crossed this doesn’t happen. Or I will cry.