I am ready to call it a night at 10pm which is highly unusual for me. My night owl tendencies have caught up with me this week and after screen printing beer koozies til the wee hours of the morning and only getting a few hours sleep, I am ready for some rest. But first a big congratulations to my friend Kendra’s brother Kendal and his bride to be. Here’s to a happy marriage and a lifetime of special moments with the one you love. It is crazy to me that my friends younger siblings are old enough to be tying the knot. It is a reminder that we are getting older. Which I try not to dwell on. So in other news…

Matt pulled his first carrot from the garden. I guess it wasn’t quite ready to be pulled seeing as how it only measures about 2 inches long. But they have been in the ground so long we were so curious to see what was going on. Now we know. Stella was impressed and insisted upon eating the tiny nubbin. So she did.

For father’s day, I bought my dad tickets to see Weird Al Yankovic in July. And since I of course waited until the last minute to purchase said tickets, they did not arrive in time for father’s day. So I got crafty and made faux tickets to put into my dad’s card. They turned out pretty cute and my dad seems excited to go. My childhood consisted of many roadtrips with the soundtrack consisting entirely of Weird Al. Always made for good times. Thank you dad, Tim and Adam. “Spatula City, we sell spatulas. And thats all!”

Other than that, life has been trucking along as usual. I scored some pretty sweet finds while thrifting earlier this week including this adorable baby blue Royal portable typewriter. I had planned to sell it at The Foundrie but once I discovered the darling font it produces, I think it has to live with us forever. And Stella is amazed by it, so that means we have to keep it. Also got some more vintage suitcases and a few other odds and ends. So excited to set up shop this season!

Hope everyone has fun weekend plans ahead of them. Mine will be spent celebrating birthdays. So many June birthdays including my own. Will plan a big picture update early next week documenting all the festivities!! Until then!!