The past few days have been super busy with lots of events going on. Which is a good thing because I got the news on Friday that we were wait listed for the Chicago Renegade Craft Fair. Total bummer but I have been too busy to dwell on it. There is still a chance we will make it in, so fingers crossed for that. In other news, I finally got to meet my friend Rachel’s new baby boy, Gabriel Levi. He is adorable and I can tell how happy she and her husband are about their new addition to the family.

Later that evening, I met up with my friend Stephanie for dinner at The Fountain on Locust followed by a show at The Firebird with the band Gold Motel. (Enough links there for you?) It was a super fun night. The hi-lights were as follows: dill pickle soup at dinner, ice cream in a pretzel cone for dessert (and no, I am not expecting baby #2.), cans of pbr at the show (see, told you so.), Stephanie borrowing my shades so she could look as awesome as the guys in the band, and meeting the singer/keyboardist Greta for the 3rd time and having her sign a cd for Stella. Gold Motel is her favorite band at the moment and she requests the cd pretty much every time we get in the car. Adorable. We ended the night having a beer on the porch with Kelly and Stephanie showed me the fab container gardening she has going on in her backyard. She gave me some tomato and tomatillo plants to add to our garden so a big thank you to her. Love you friend.

Friday was the Etsy Meetup at MADE Studios and it was our best event to date. We did 6 make and take craft stations and had lots of freebies, drinks, and snacks. Everyone really seemed to enjoy themselves and are all looking forward to our next make and take event which will be GagaCraft. It is going to be uh-mazing so be sure to put in on your calendar July 11th.

Saturday was Soulard Market Park Art and Craft Fair in which I shared a booth with Ms. Katie of Scarlett Garnet. We had a lovely space in the shade and it didn’t get super duper hot til around 1pm. We hung in there til the end of the market at 3pm by staying well hydrated with PBR. I did drink some water too. We made a few sales, talked a little business, and chatted the day away. A big thank you to Katie from PASTE for organizing the event.

So that brings us to today, which happens to be Father’s Day. My husband says it is a made up holiday and no reason to celebrate. I believe he says this just so he doesn’t have to make a big deal out of mother’s day either which works fine for me. But that being said, I do feel the need on this day to remind him what an amazing father he is. Seeing him with Stella brings me more joy and pride than I ever thought possible and I am so glad to have him in our lives. And to my father and matt’s father: thank you for being in our lives. You each raised us to be fairly responsible, well adjusted adults and you should be proud. And a happy father’s day to the other dads in my family. Ian, Tim and Julian. Keep up the good work! Hope everyone enjoys the day with the family! Speaking of which, I may wanna clean the house up a bit before dinner with my fam so I will wrap it up. I will try to post more frequently in the future so as to to have such a super long post. Oops.